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Posted on Jan 2, 2009 in Party Politics, Technology

A year in review for DC Republican

What a crazy year 2008 was, and from what it seems like, what an exciting year 2009 will be.

With 2008 now a thing of the past, I’ve found myself looking back at, our traffic, and some of the attention received throughout the course of the year.

When I first started blogging regularly on DC Republican (January, 2008), the first month brought 487 unique visitors to the site.

In just twelve months, this blog has gone from 487 unique visitors per month, to now averaging over 8,500 unique visitors, 13,500 visits, and 41,700 page views per month (source: Advanced Web Statistics version 6.7)

When reviewing our top URL’s, I was quite impressed to see that above everything was our main RSS feed, receiving over 71,000 page views over the course of 2008 (we have dozens of other specific feeds that are also popular and not part of the 71,000). Following the RSS feed was our homepage (over 51,000 views), followed by “Senate Gets Cloture, Grassley Still Needs to be Stopped” (over 34,000 views).

In terms of coverage, when I first started this blog, this was something that I didn’t even consider. Generally speaking, I’m not an attention-whore like so many in DC, which is one of the reasons that I tend not to use my name on this blog (though that might be changing soon for other reasons).

Regardless, 2008 even brought some media to by way of Al-Jazeera TV and France 24 news. True, there hasn’t been any mainstream domestic coverage, but I think that any media attention given to such a new blog is a milestone in itself.

So what’s next?

To be honest, I’m not really sure what the future of will hold. What I do know, however, is that if this blog is going to be successful, I’m going to have to put more into it. I know in the past, my post frequency tended to be all over the map, so in 2009 I’m hoping to standardize things more so that I can get into a routine of commenting on stories of importance on a more regular basis.

Even though I have no idea what 2009 will hold, I do know that it’s destine to be an exciting year. With incoming Obama administration and a new party in power, DC is going to become a completely different town. While many people are weary of this prospect, I couldn’t be more excited.

So in closing, thank you for the hundreds of emails sent to me over the course of 2008, the many constructive comments, and most importantly for simply visiting this site.

2008 wasn’t bad, but I promise 2009 will be better.

See you soon.