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Posted on Mar 27, 2008 in Across the US, Democrats, International, Party Politics

Obama Supporter Charged in Campaign Finance Probe

It looks like another fine US export is making its way to the shores of Puerto Rico. No, it’s not food, oil, or machinery, but instead is one of the Nation’s oldest pastimes, campaign corruption!

Even though Puerto Rico isn’t a state (it’s an non incorporated territory), it sure seems that their political problems are reflecting those commonly seen here on the mainland.

Here is some of the brief article from

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Puerto Rican Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila and 12 associates face charges related to the financing of three of Acevedo’s campaigns, according to a federal indictment unsealed Thursday.

Acevdeo faces 19 charges, including conspiracy, making false statements and wire fraud.

Acevedo, 48, and legal adviser Inclan Bird are accused of soliciting, accepting and reimbursing illegal “conduit contributions” from Acevedo’s family and staff. Conduit contributions are those made by one person in the name of another.

In addition, “a group of Philadelphia-area businessmen solicited, accepted, and then reimbursed illegal conduit contributions from their own Philadelphia-area family members and staff” on behalf of Acevedo, a Justice Department news release said.

While this alone is juicy news for us politicos, I don’t think that this story will really have wheels until this guy can top hiding money in freezer, like Congressman William Jefferson from Louisiana.

What is juicy, however, is the fact that Acevedo is in fact, an Obama supporter who has raised money for Obama. This presents a unique challenge for Obama, who has been trying hard to capture votes from various groups of Latinos. Does he condemn the Governor? Ignore it? Or talk his way around it?

We’ll see…