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Posted on Aug 17, 2008 in Barack Obama, Campaign '08, Democrats, Liberalism

Are Hillary Supporters Going to Launch a Coup?

Rumors have been  surfacing about the possibility of Hillary and her minions staging a coup at the Democratic Convention. Could this happen? Yes it can! One can only hope.

Despite Senator Obama’s best efforts, many Hillary supporters are still quite angry at the DNC and Obama for “stealing” the Caucuses and buying off the super delegates. Do they have a point? Yes, I would say so considering that Hillary won more votes. Moreover, the controversy over Florida and Michigan made it quite clear that the Obama Campaign was only interested in ensuring the sanctity of every vote insofar as it benefited Obama. Moroever, let us not forget the misogynistic undertones of many of the attacks on Hillary that emanated from Obama’s supporters. Indeed, who can forget Obama’s dismissal of a female reporter as “sweetie?”

How angry are some of Hillary’s foot soldiers? Take a look at this YouTube video:


And for good measure, the pissed off Hillary voter:


So what do these Hillary fanatics expect to achieve in Denver if they cause a ruckus?  Do they really think that they can prevent Obama from receiving the nomination? I would wager that they are not so deluded as to think that by some miracle they can convince the supers to vote for Hillary. What they do mean to achieve is illustrating that Obama may be doomed to defeat and that Hillary in no way should be linked to that potential defeat. If Obama loses in November it would leave Hillary as the undisputed master of the Democratic Party.