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Posted on Feb 18, 2009 in Across the US, Issues, News, Sex, Taxes

What would an adult film download tax stimulate?

The answer is the New York economy, apparently.

It looks like New York Governor, David Paterson, is taking a new approach to stimulating the state’s economy. With this proposal, each dollar the taxpayers of New York spend on self stimulation, 4% of that will go towards stimulating Governor Paterson’s budget.


This is the best tax you ever had.

A state proposal to add a 4% tax for downloading movies and music will also apply to Internet porn.

Gov. Paterson recently suggested the so-called iPod tax to help close a $15 billion budget deficit, but few realized the levy would also apply to XXX-rated material.

This tax doesn’t just apply to adult film downloads, but instead applies to all downloaded media, including movies and music.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an unusual tax proposal in New York. This is also the same state that has proposed taxing Amazon transactions, as well putting a heavy tax on soda.

With that being said, I don’t see this proposal being the climax.