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Posted on Mar 19, 2015 in Ron Paul Press

Forty-nine states tracking your prescriptions in databases

Forty-nine states are tracking all of your prescriptions in state-run databases and politicians and law enforcement hope to make Missouri the 50th state. Lawmakers say this is necessary to combat prescription pain-killer abuse, but this is a nothing more than an invasion of privacy. Who wants the government to know what medicine you take? From Reason:

Missouri is the only state in America without a prescription drug database, which The New York Times describes as “the primary tool the other 49 states use to identify people who acquire excess prescriptions for addictive

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painkillers and tranquilizers,” as well as the doctors who over prescribe them. In 49 states, the government is keeping track of what prescription medications you take.

That’s a little disconcerting, no? While these databases are touted as ways to combat prescription painkiller abuse and trafficking, most states require doctors and/or pharmacists to report prescriptions for any number of medications, including AHDH and anti-anxiety drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Xanax. This database then can, and sometimes must, be consulted by future physicians prescribing drugs.

Missouri state Sen. Rob Schaaf (R-District 34) and a small group of other legislators have been fighting against pressure—from medical groups, “members of Congress from neighboring states,” the White House, and drugmakers—to institute such a database. Schaaf, a family physician, says allowing a government database of prescription drug records is a privacy violation.

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