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Posted on Sep 17, 2014 in RNC

ICYMI: Press Conference Call with RNC Chairman Priebus and LA GOP Chairman Roger Villere

Excerpts from remarks as prepared for delivery:

RNC Chairman Priebus:

Mary Landrieu has been on the ropes all year for voting against the wishes of her constituents by being a loyal rubber stamp for President Obama. And while it’s bad enough to vote against your constituents in Washington, it is even worse to betray the public trust, and that’s what Senator Landrieu did by illegally charging taxpayers 43 times for campaign-related private air travel.


And instead of releasing her audit on time and with

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all 17 years of her travel records like she promised, Senator Landrieu turned in an incomplete report four days late in a Friday afternoon news dump.


The missing information from Landrieu’s report raises serious questions she and her campaign have so far refused to answer:

1. Why did Senator Landrieu withhold her flight records from 1997-2001, when the rules were stricter
about mixing campaign and official travel? Is she hiding additional


2. The RNC’s internal review of Landrieu’s flight records found a suspicious flight on May 31, 2000 at a cost of over $1,500 from New Orleans to Alexandria where she raised roughly $30,000 on the same day. Will she provide documentation to explain this suspicious travel?

3. Given that Landrieu illegally billed taxpayers for a flight in March of this year, the final month reviewed by her audit, will she – at a minimum – rule out the possibility she took additional illicit flights in the months since?

4. And finally, when did these inappropriate billings begin and who authorized the flights be paid for this way? Has anyone in her office been held accountable?


Senator Landrieu should open all of her records up for the media to review and prove that she is still not hiding illicit flights, or she should reimburse taxpayers for all of her excessive charter travel to remove all doubt of further impropriety.

LA GOP Chairman Villere:

We here at the state party are doing all we can to try and get answers out of Senator Landrieu and hold her responsible for her actions. We filed a formal complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee several weeks ago asking them to look into Senator Landrieu’s behavior and this issue and we are amending that complaint to reflect this new information that has come out over the last several days.


The standard must be set and it’s important to send the message on behalf of all taxpayers that this sort of behavior is simply not OK. Taxpayers have already been taken advantage of enough by Sen. Landrieu and her Democrat colleagues without having them use taxpayers’ hard-earned money as their own private re-election piggy bank.


We’re doing all we can here to hold her accountable and I expect the media, the Senate Ethics Committee and other appropriate authorities to do their part as well.


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