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Posted on Nov 24, 2011 in Campaign 2012, Conservatism, Gifts for Conservatives, Ideology

25 Christmas Gifts for Conservatives or Republicans for Under $25 – 2011 Edition

UPDATE: You can now view the 2012 edition by clicking here.


Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a variety of people ask me what types of gifts they should get their conservative or Republican friends, family, and/or colleagues for Christmas. While I wouldn’t consider myself the authority on these matters, I thought I’d make it easy for everyone by compiling a list of twenty-five items that can be purchased for the conservatives in your life for under $25.

To make it even easier, I’ve sorted the gifts by category.

Check back soon, as I will be adding more to this page soon.

Christmas Items

GOP Ornament

Hand Painted
Price: $25.00

Price: $13.00

Price: $3.00

GOP Logo
Price: $13.00


Glenn Beck

Bill O’Reilly
Price: $17.00

Condi Rice
Price: $20.00

Mark Levin
Price: $16.00

Pat Buchanan
Price: $16.00


“Miss Me Yet?”
Price: $12.00

“Miss Me Yet?”
Price: $14.00

Reagan T-Shirt
Price: $24.00

NoBama T-Shirt
Price: $22.00

Old School
Price: $15.00


GOP Charm
Price: $21.00

GOP Earings
Price: $7.00

Silver Charm
Price: $17.00

Vote Republican
Price: $24.00

GOP Pendant
Price: $13.00

Miscellaneous Gifts