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Posted on Aug 28, 2008 in Campaign '08

Logic or Instinct: Romney, Palin or Pickled Herring?

So the VP vigil continues. Though Senator McCain has stated that he will announce his pick at 11 AM on Friday, rumors have been spreading that the choice could be leaked on Thursday evening during Zeus Obama’s historic and messiah like speech.

The latest buzz seems to indicate that Mitt Romney is not going to be the choice. Moreover, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has cleared his schedule for tomorrow and Saturday (though Pawlenty has dismissed this as being nothing). So who might McCain choose? It depends on whether he is making the decision from a logical stand point or from the gut.


            Palin could reshape the public’s perception of McCain and the Party

Any choice based using a rational method would be safe and not a gamble. If McCain goes in this direction he must feel things are going well and that he can win with or without a running-mate who could set the world on fire.

Mitt Romney
Romney would be a solid choice for many reasons, not least of which is his perceived ability to win Michigan and Nevada. Romney is polished and looks the part and has strong credentials as a leader. Romney can deliver votes and use his vast fundraising network to aid the RNC and 527s in their attacks on Obama. On the other hand, McCain and Romney got into it in the primaries and parts of the Republican base dislike him intensely.

Tim Pawlenty
Pawlenty is really a choice that adds nothing and detracts nothing. He will not win Minnesota for McCain and is a rather bland individual. His only saving grace is that because he is so ordinary he offends no one in the party base.

If McCain goes in this direction he believes he must shake things up, or go for a winning throw, by choosing someone the punditry dismiss as too risky. McCain has been known to be a gambler and a running-mate who could reshape the narrative could pay off handsomely or backfire horribly.

Sarah Palin
For those who know who she is, Governor Palin is really almost a perfect choice. She is the symbol of the modern working woman, has strong family values, is sportswoman and strongly pro-life. Moreover, she is a reformer and a very popular governor in Alaska. Did I also mention that she is hot and energetic? Her downside is the fact that very few have any clue who she is and at the moment her office is being investigated for misuse of power (there is really nothing to the allegations). I might also add that because she is a woman the pundits feel she is a risk.

Kay Bailey Hutchison
Kay is a solid but novel pick who could attract female voters. She has a great deal of experience and is solidly conservative. Again, somehow the media believes a female Republican is risky.  However, unlike Palin, Hutchison is wooden, not a great speaker and could not be described as energetic or exciting.OTHERS:
As for the others, I think it highly unlikely that McCain chooses Lieberman, Ridge or the likes of Meg Whitman. McCain the gambler would dare not risk everything on a very bad bet. He needs the party base to win and has to pick someone with either executive experience or at least a long legislative career.

I will come out and say that McCain should pick Sarah Palin. No one else even comes close in generating the buzz that she could. As a modern, vibrant family oriented woman, she would appeal to all those soccer moms out there that also balance a career and family. Moreover, she is good looking and young enough to create a media frenzy. If McCain had to choose a more traditional candidate, Romney is the best choice. He is the most polished of the group and can deliver votes and cash. As for Pawlenty, if he is chosen I will be more than disappointed as he would be a waste. McCain would be better off running alone or with a jar of pickled herring.