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Posted on Aug 26, 2008 in Campaign '08, Democrats, Joe Biden

New Polls Show Biden is a Null Factor

Three new polls have come out with samples from AUG 23-25. This time frame allows for the selection of Biden to sink in with the public and the Biden Effect has been thus far:

Gallup: McCain 46% Obama 44%

Rasmussen: McCain 46% Obama 46%

CNN: McCain 47% Obama 47%

Based on the numbers it appears that Biden is a null factor. He neither helps, nor detracts from, Obama’s campaign. I would venture to say that Biden does not help Obama because he is best known amongst those who have a great deal of political knowledge. As such, his biggest impact is on those who most likely have made a decision who to vote for. Biden does not attract casual or ill-informed voters who, incidentally, will decide the election. Biden is a favorite amongst the pundits and for that reason perhaps he wasn’t such a good choice.


    Biden discusses demographics in Delaware

The Biden Effect makes it even more clear that John McCain, if he wants to create excitement and buzz amongst the masses, must choose a more unconventional running-mate that changes the perception of the ticket and brings more than just political credentials…