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Posted on Jul 28, 2008 in Across the US, Campaign '08, Congress, Economy

A Washington Lesson in Economics

It was reported today that the budget deficit of the United States will hover around $482,000,000,000 for the year 2009. What does the White House blame for this deficit? Of course, the most typical response is the sagging economy, but then they have another blunder to add to the pile of blame: the absurd stimulus package that was suppose to “stimulate” economic growth in the United States.

Of course, every branch of the government seems to have some way to legitimize this handout by claiming that the numbers will come in, and we’ll continue to see the economy grow stronger.

What’s funny is that all of this is being said on the heels of what is becoming a semi-annual trend: a bailout of some sector or company by the government, funded or backed by the tax-dollars of hardworking Americans who would overwhelmingly oppose the proposal at hand.

Washington’s lesson in economics: If you work hard, pay your taxes and make smart decisions, the government might leave you alone. If your neighbor doesn’t work hard and makes bad financial decisions, the government will bail them out with your hard earned money, but of course come back to you with a tax increase to fund their irresponsibility that is driving this country further into debt.

If you’re a young American watching how Congress has worked in the past year, why would you even want to be financially responsible?