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Posted on Apr 16, 2008 in Campaign '08, Democrats, Liberalism, Party Politics

No more dream ticket?

I’m guessing all the talk of the Clinton/Obama “dream ticket” will probably start to slow down after Wednesday’s Democratic Debate in Pennsylvania.

Amongst a series of questions that attempted to demand answers from the candidates was whether or not their Democratic opponent was electable.

Of course, in addition was the question of the season, would the winning opponent consider taking the loser as the candidate for VP.


“Yes. Yes. Yes,” Clinton said when pressed to answer whether Obama, the senator from Illinois, could win. Media reports have said Clinton and her campaign have been quietly courting support, chiefly from Democratic superdelegates who could decide a close race at the party’s convention, by arguing that Obama is not electable.

“Now, I think I can do a better job — obviously that’s why I’m here,” said Clinton, who promised she will “do everything I possibly can to make sure that one of us takes the oath of office next January.”

Obama said Clinton could win, too. He also said he would support the New York senator and former first lady if she is the Democratic nominee, although both candidates declined to say whether they would consider naming the other as a running mate.

Does anyone think that Obama would really want Hillary Clinton running with him? I honestly think that these “dream ticket” people are just old-establishment Democrats who get some sick sense of euphoria from seeing a Clinton on the ballot.

While there is no chance in hell that I’ll be voting for a Democrat, I think that it is going to be refreshing to finally see a ballot that doesn’t contain a Bush or a Clinton on it. I’m sure many other voters, from both sides, feel the same way.