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Posted on Dec 23, 2016 in RNC

ICYMI: RNC Chairman on Meet The Press: “Hillary Fatigue Is Already Out There, It’s Setting In”

WASHINGTON — This morning, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus joined David Gregory of NBC’s “Meet The Press” to discuss Hillary fatigue, President Obama “getting it wrong” on foreign policy, and the Supreme Court decision to limit presidential power. View transcript excerpt below and watch the clip here.

Chairman Priebus On Hillary Fatigue


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Hillary fatigue is already out there, it’s setting in. People are tired of this story and I just happen to believe that this early run for the White House is going to come back and bite them and it already is. People are tired of it…when you are perceived as being out of touch with people that are struggling, with people that are out there working hard, I don’t think flying on private jets and collecting $250,000 for a speech is considered to be hard work. And so, people respect folks that earn their money and work hard and they become rich, but when you talk about being dead broke and when you try to make believe that you understand how average people live, but you made $105 million giving speeches, I think people are tired of this show, quite frankly.

President Obama “Getting It Wrong” on Foreign Policy

CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: …this president needs to lead on this subject, whether it be Russia, whether it be Syria, whether it be Benghazi, all of these areas. I mean, something has to go right. Everything can’t go wrong. you know, sort of like a multiple choice test. it’s hard to get all the questions right. but it’s also pretty hard to get them all wrong. but the president seems able to get all the answers wrong…the difference has been that the Republicans have been far more willing to be proactive earlier in avoiding some of these conflicts from occurring where it seems like the president has been hesitant, procrastinating, putting red lines on the map.

Supreme Court Decision Limits Presidential Power

CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: What I see is a Supreme Court now 12 times over the last three years that have struck down the president’s overreach of growth in government, 9-0. The court said this past week, the president overstepped his bounds, which include the president’s own appointments to the Supreme Court. I think it is exactly where we need to be. The constitution vests power in We the People. Article I gives that power to the congress. The speaker is in charge of the House. I think he has standing. If he’s helping pass laws and the president comes in and says this is the part of the law I’m going to follow, this is the part I am not going to follow, this is where I’m going to expand government, he is overreaching and overtaking a part of the constitution that he doesn’t have the authority to take.


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