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Posted on Dec 6, 2016 in Ron Paul Press

Way to go, Kansas C4L!

Our congratulations and thanks go out to Kansas cheap online pharmacy Campaign for Liberty members for their terrific and determined work to make sure Senator Jerry Moran (R) cosponsored Audit the Fed (S. 209)! This will bring our Senate cosponsor total to 28.

Senator Moran tweeted the following on Thursday in response to our Sedgwick County Coordinator:

Moran, cosponsoring Audit the Fed

Don’t let anyone tell you certified online pharmacy cialis your calls and emails don’t make a difference! Campaign for Liberty members consistently demonstrate the success made cialis tabletas possible through grassroots action.

Below is a current list cialis craigslist houston of S. 209 cosponsors (minus Senator Moran until he is officially added). If you don’t see your senator(s), please contact them right away at (202)224-3121 and urge them to cosponsor Audit the Fed, S. 209!

* = Original cosponsor

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