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Posted on Dec 6, 2016 in Ron Paul Press

Colorado to allow terminally ill patients to try drugs without FDA approval

In Colorado’s latest move to viagra professional circumvent onerous federal laws, the Governor Hickenlooper has signed a bill into law that would allow terminally ill patients to viagra online canadian pharmacy access experimental medicine without getting approval from the FDA, a particularly grueling prise du viagra process especially considering patients may only have maine board of pharmacy days or weeks to live. From Buzzfeed:

“Right To Try” buy cialis online advocates hope to enable patients to circumvent some of the FDA’s red tape and cut the federal government out of the usually cumbersome process of receiving experimental medicine; now, drug companies will loop pharmacy be able to surpass clinical trials.

The bill was passed unanimously, following emotional testimony from relatives of marsh pharmacy sick people who tried to get federal permission for experimental drugs.

Supporters say they will accept any possible risk to the patient if there is a chance it will prolong their life — an amendment to the law prevents healthcare providers and insurers from being held liable for any adverse affects.

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