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Posted on Mar 27, 2015 in Ron Paul Press

War on ride-sharing Volume 128,455

Last week, the Commonwealth of Virginia issued “cease and desist” letters to both Uber and Lyft saying they could no longer operate in Virginia in order to save the children/stop cutting in on the cab drivers’ monopoly. Virginia is not the first government to try to stop the widely popular ride-sharing companies from operating.

The Miami police department is currently running a sting operation against Lyft in order to save us from the horror of the free market. From The Miami Herald:

Doug Pursley, whose white Ford Explorer pickup was impounded Thursday at Mall of the Americas after taking an undercover code-enforcement officer there from the downtown Hilton, said he is back on the road taking passengers.

A 49-year-old business development consultant, Pursley said he supports technological innovation and, as a former San Francisco resident, knew that Lyft has rankled regulators elsewhere.

“The extra money doesn’t hurt, and meeting people — the social aspect — is awesome, because it’s super interesting people,” he said.

What bothered him, he added, was that code enforcement and police officers would go out of

their way to take a $40 ride and spend an hour fining him and impounding his car.

“Where are the taxpayer resources going?” he said. “As a taxpayer, I’m going, ‘Thanks a lot, guys.’”

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