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Posted on Jan 25, 2011 in Barack Obama, Beltway Politics, DC Life, Economy, News, Party Politics

Post State of the Union Approval Rating History

Gallup has a great post today discussing how the State of the Union has impacted approval ratings of American President’s since the Jimmy Carter Administration.

While Gallup notes:

U.S. presidents rarely see a spike in public support after their delivery of State of the Union addresses. Since 1978, Gallup has measured only four instances when a president’s approval rating increased by at least four percentage points after a State of the Union address, with Bill Clinton the president in three of these instances and George W. Bush in the other.

While that’s true, I couldn’t help but notice that in 1995 (after the Republican Revolution in 1994), with a pre-speech approval rating 47%, President Bill Clinton saw a post-speech bump of 2%.

The question is, however, was Obama’s speech better than Clinton’s? I’m not so sure, but it’ll be interesting to see later this week how the American people responded.

What do you think? Share your comments below.

Graphic: Approval Ratings Pre- and Post-State of the Union, Presidents from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush