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Posted on Mar 9, 2009 in Beltway Politics, Congress, Economy, Issues, News, RNC, Spending

$410 Billion Omnibus Bill Could Pass Tuesday with the Help of Weak Republicans

Mo Money’ Mo Problems:

Despite earlier reports buzzing around the Hill that Senate Democrats may not have the 60 votes needed to prevent a GOP filibuster of the $410 billion spending omnibus, is now reporting that the Democrat leadership is now confident that they will have the votes necessary to make this happen.

Last November, the only thing the Democrats failed to do was capture the 60 Senate seats needed to prevent a filibuster. This means that if they are going to get anything done, it’s going to have to be with the help of some Republicans willing to cross sides. The Democrat’s most likely help will come from Republican Senators who are looking to gain some much-needed political capital – like in Maine and Pennsylvania for example, two blue/purple states with “vulnerable” Republican Senators. I think that they should be more worried about retaliation from their own party than those voters on the left who didn’t vote for them in the first place.

During the recent stimulus fight, there were three Senators who decided to play the role of a modern day Judas’: Senators Collins and Snowe, both of Maine, and Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. They’ve definitely played it well.

Yes my friends, it appears that the party of Reagan is slowly assimilating into the party of pansies, where those elected to serve on what has become a reality show, now better known as “House… and Senate” spend their days in the dark bowels of the various House and Senate buildings, meeting with key staffers and politicos not discussing policy, but figuring out what tradeoffs will get them reelected.

While Snowe and Collins haven’t been mentioned, I wouldn’t be surprised if they join arms with Senator Specter again, who is believed to be a key player for crossing over, all with the end result of propping themselves up, while dragging the Republican brand and Party into the ground.

The article also goes on to say that Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa (), and Senator Kit Bond of Missouri could also become the latest round of Senators to go native. Are they the Brutus’ of the GOP?

Why aren’t we stopping them?

If I were Michael Steele, my message to the Republicans in both the House and Senate would be simple: “grow a damn pair or I’ll make sure your sorry asses don’t get re-elected.”

We’ll see what happens… and I hope to have more updates tomorrow.