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Posted on Feb 17, 2009 in Sex, Uncategorized

Brisotl Palin On The Record: No Stopping Sex

Bristol Palin with son Trig

Bristol Palin with son Tripp

I found this interview rather amusing and a different approach at an attempt to promote abstinence among teenagers.

In an interview with Fox, Bristol Palin and son Tripp and Grandmother Sarah Palin discuss the ups and downs of teen pregnacy. Bristol Palin wants teenagers to take her advice on motherhood. Ms. Palin says, “kids should just wait. It’s — I don’t know. It’s not glamorous at all.”

She also notes that there is no stopping sex, so for all you soon-to-be teenage mothers out there, you should know that for Bristol, telling her parents was harder than labor.

I should also just mention for pure amusement that there were several unreliable claims during the 2008 Presidential campaign that Bristol was the mother of Trig (Sarah Palin’s youngest son and Bristol’s brother – not to be confused with Tripp, Bristol’s son and Sarah Palin’s grandson). Find more about the hoax here.