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Posted on Jan 13, 2009 in Barack Obama, Beltway Politics, DC Life, Democrats, Liberalism, Party Politics, Sex

Obama Water: Hydration You Can Believe In

Maybe it’ll be the retail-Obamagazm the nation seems to having that will stimulate the economy. After seeing Obama Condoms, Obama Thongs, and even Obama Sex Toys (nsfw), the next natural progression (aside from his own brand of after-sex cigarettes) would be bottled water.

America, Obama Water is now here.

From :

We went into Whitley Market on the corner of Highland and Franklin on Saturday to buy some over-priced breath mints and there across from the Marilyn Monroe wine and the Elvis lighters was Obama Water.

The water could go nicely with the George Bush toilet paper our cousin sent us for Christmas. Which besides the fact that it’s just screaming ‘health care-less rash’ – was a very thoughtful gift.

Anyway, this is not exactly a political town – but we do like to capitalize on images of stars. Clearly.

To be honest, I find all of this fascinating and humorous at the same time. It’s fascinating to see so many people actually interested in American Politics, but it’s also extremely funny to see some of the cult-like products being developed to pay homage to our new leader.

I wont lie, the Obama sex-toy is probably the most mind boggling, but I guess some ladies want to feel change instead of just believing in it.

Maybe I’ll make my own line of Obama hand sanitizer or something. :)