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Posted on Jan 12, 2009 in Barack Obama, Campaign '08, Party Politics, Random

Obama is a Mac Daddy: Revisited

Back in March of 2008, I wrote a post titled “Obama is a Mac Daddy,” regarding a video from Atlah Ministries, featuring Reverend James Manning’s colorful accusations relating to the “Obama Girl” video created by Barely Political.

It was in this video that Manning provided all of us with one of the most memorable Obama accusations by  stating:

Obama is a mac daddy, Obama pimps black women and white women… you didn’t notice him till he brought out those big chested white women with their tight t-shirts and their short pants, that’s what a pimp does.

C’mon, you don’t get your campaign started with a big chested white woman, she must be a 54-D…. double D’s…. he put his name on two big 54-DD’s.

Obama… that’s the first place you saw it…. on two great big ole’ tits.

Anyway, Obama Girl (Amber Lee Ettinger) recently sat down with James Manning to discuss his claims:

Of all the things I’m going to miss from the 2008 campaigns, the top would have to be the great videos produced by Barely Political. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep producing new videos, even though political apathy is bound to set in after Barack Obama’s inauguration.