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Posted on Nov 4, 2008 in Across the US, Activism, Barack Obama, Campaign '08, Party Politics

What would Alexander Hamilton say about today’s election?

The following is a full excerpt from the conclusion of the book, Who is the REAL Barack Obama? For the rising generation; by the rising generation. Read this before you vote and pass it on!

“… Of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics the greatest number have begun their career, by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing Demagogues, and ending Tyrants.”

- Alexander Hamilton, Federalist #1

More than 220 years ago, a group of colonial leaders gathered in Philadelphia to construct a constitution for our young nation as it recently emerged out of a war of independence from Great Britain. Historians concur that these men exuded greatness. They were not only courageous to stand as rebels against an imperial government that gave them no representation in Parliament, but they were also men of great intellect. As Alexander Hamilton’s quote above reflects, these were men who were not only making history, but were well aware of history.

Our rising generation today is fortunate enough to stand on the shoulders of the many generations before us that built America. Of course, that “first generation” of founders was made up of such unique men, who were so intellectually equipped to put together perhaps the greatest document made by men, the U.S. Constitution. Our Constitution has endured the test of many tumultuous times. It now faces even graver threats from a government that is beginning to be ruled by men, not by laws, reversing the standard set by men like John Adams. Today, it has become commonplace for just five Supreme Court justices to overturn legislation and create new laws.

Perhaps the most unique element of the U.S. Constitution is the separation of powers. The branches of government were separated and each endowed with their own specific functions for particular reasons. If you need any proof, we urge you to consult The Federalist Papers, written by Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. These papers were created to make an argument to support the new federal constitution at a time when the young nation was only bounded by a very loose construction ordered by the weak Articles of Confederation. But these papers – all 85 of them – go further, and outline the expressed purpose of every article in the U.S. Constitution.

Since our founding, great Americans have risen in every generation, to serve in various offices and on many battlefields across the globe, to protect the vision that our founders had; the vision of what good government looks like; the vision that created the ideal free society. Our founders wanted us to pass on the office of the Presidency to men who best represented us as a people. As Hamilton put it in Federalist 69, “The process of election affords a moral certainty, that the office of the president will seldom fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” While Hamilton was referring to the importance of the electoral process, including the system of the Electoral College in electing such a man, we can see the esteem that our founders had for the highest office in the land and the kind of people they wished to see fill that office (their ideal was George Washington). They wanted men of principle, men who could be trusted, men who would be knowledgeable and appreciative of the history of our institutions, and men who had the proper qualifications.

After examining the facts that we have presented in this book, it is hard to believe that the founders would have wanted to see us hand over the sacred keys of the White House to an inexperienced, ambitious demagogue such as Barack Obama. He is a man that we, as a country, have not yet had the chance to get to know well enough. He would certainly be one of the youngest Presidents, but his youth is not the only reason he is inexperienced. He has not yet been fully tested to make the decisions that are required of a Commander-in-Chief. And, just as importantly, perhaps more so, he has not yet been fully vetted.

We have tried to do our part in this book, given the demands on our time and resources, to put together the facts available and let you, the reader, have the ability to ponder such facts. We found it very difficult to gather these facts, as there were few media outlets that have reported such findings. We realized that right-wing talk show hosts and left-wing academics and media would each have their own talking points either for or against Obama simply based on his Democrat party label. But, Obama has talked a lot about the need for our country to try to rise above the typical left and right, and we accepted his challenge to do so. What we have found is that he has not done this himself. He talks a good game, but he plays quite another one.

We presented you with elements from his voting record during his time as an Illinois State Senator and during his few short years in the U.S. Senate. If you think we have presented any falsehoods or made any misrepresentations, we challenge you to hold us accountable. However, we are confident in our research and our sources, and in our ability to make the case against Obama based on the stubborn facts.

Speaking of facts: while Obama quite often talks about his time in the Illinois State Senate and the need to have an open, transparent government, he has done quite a lot to try to hide his own political and private records. He hasn’t even reached the White House yet, and he is already trying to hide records. What will he do from the most powerful position in the free world?

Due to his short political career and his lack of experience, much of our book has relied on Obama’s own words, from his published books, speeches, and interviews. After all, it was Obama who proclaimed “Don’t tell me words don’t matter.” We could have certainly provided you with the words of those most closely associated with him, such as his controversial preacher Jeremiah Wright, or his outspoken wife and potential First Lady, Michelle Obama. But, we wanted to keep this focused on the junior Senator from Illinois. We do, however, believe, as our parents once preached to us, that you can learn much about a person by who they are associated with. The questionable friends that Obama has kept over the years should raise some serious alarms. They include controversial preachers like Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Phleger, domestic terrorists such as William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn of the Weather Underground, and shady businessmen like Tony Rezko and James Johnson.

We simply know too little about this man, and based on what we do know about him – his background, his questionable associations, and his far left voting record – we are not willing to entrust such a man with the sacred keys to the White House. The American Presidency comes with an awesome power and responsibility. As our founders intended, this office should only be given to someone who best represents us, someone we trust, and someone with high character. Obama’s voting record is far to the left and way outside of the mainstream. He has shown a complete disdain for average Americans living in small towns and a complete disrespect for human life at its most fragile periods of birth and childhood development. He would overturn 220 years of sacrifice for a Constitution made of laws, not of men.

Our generation cannot let such a man be President. If “change” is what we seek, then it must be change within a tradition, a tradition of ordered liberty. We have strayed so far from our founders’ intentions, that it is time that we stand up for change and ask that our individual liberties be granted once again. It is time for a new revolution indeed: a revolution that gets us back to the proper role of government.

At the high point of their grievances, our founders did not originally seek to be separated from England. They simply sought to confirm their rights as Englishmen. The revolution they started began as a return to the tradition of self-government, the proper role of government, and their proper places in that free society. They were seeking change, not for the sake of change, but for the sake of returning to the tradition of a people ruled by laws, not by men. For this purpose, we write this book, to prevent men of ambition from usurping more of our rights, our property, and our liberties from us. We hope you too, will join our cause. The keys to the White House are in your hands.

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