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Posted on Oct 27, 2008 in Across the US, Beltway Politics, Campaign '08, Conservatism, DC Life, Party Politics

Sarah Palin, Laying Pipe and the Future of the Party

As I find myself keeping a close eye on the polls and intrade spreads, it’s quite clear that it’s going to be a bad day for Republicans next week. Even if we can somehow pull off a victory in the Presidential (which I think is close to impossible at this point) we’re still going to see significant losses in the House and Senate, making it almost impossible to get anything pushed through Congress.

It’s not a great year if you’re a Republican for office, but that doesn’t mean us observers have to be depressed about what the future is going to bring for them. While the talking heads that I cant stand are trying to muddy-up this race even more, I’ve found myself sitting back, taking careful notes and planning for the future.

In doing that, I’ve once again come across another humorous video from the folks at


Will this be the last time that the Party goes against the grain and brings a candidate into the spotlight that isn’t the typical Republican: old, white, rich male? I hope not.

Of course some will try and make the case that videos like this are offensive, sexist and don’t do anything for American politics. They’re probably right.

However, what they do is capture the attention of uninformed voters and make them want to learn more about the candidate, simply because they’re curious what the hype is about.

The outcome of more Americans being informed on the issues could work for or against the party, but if we do our jobs right and leave the old guard behind, we’ll gain way more supporters than we’ll lose.

As long as the end justifies the means, it’s all good, right? ;)