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Posted on Oct 15, 2008 in Barack Obama, Beltway Politics, Campaign '08

DC Quickey

What Senator McCain should say during tonight’s debate:

“Senator Obama may say that his past is irrelevant and off topic. On the contrary, when a man runs for President of the United States, and holds the destiny of the world in his hands, everything about him, past, present and future is very relevant!”

“We don’t really know Senator Obama, all we have is a slogan, a sparse legislative record and a bunch of off-limit topics. What are you hiding Senator? People know who I am, do we really know who you are?”

“Leadership is about trust, how can we trust you when we can’t even get a straight answer on whether or not you were friends with someone or did or did not hear a sermon?”

“I am not George W. Bush. I am no more George Bush than my friend Senator Obama is Jimmy Carter.”

One can only hope McCain quits his Ben Stein act.