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Posted on Oct 15, 2008 in Barack Obama, Beltway Politics, Campaign '08, Congress, Democrats, Economy, RNC

Ads the McCain Campaign should be running right now.

I’ve heard many experts insist that negative campaigning is an essential part of today’s political process, but it seems to me that campaigns have started to take those experts a bit too seriously and ignore what it is that people are actually looking for in a President in 2008.

Yes, people are concerned with Obama’s associations with William Ayers, and yes, his close ties to organizations like ACORN are even more sketchy.  However, those attack ads should be left to the 527’s and the national parties.

Focusing particularly on the McCain campaign, he needs to show people that he isn’t going to be just another George W. Bush. However, if he is going to achieve that image, he’s going to have to throw away the Karl Rove-like campaigning and let the American people see him for who he really is. That being a war hero, a leader and a reformer.

Instead of showing videos that continually highlight Obama’s inexperience, I think that McCain needs to go back to some of their better videos that show who John McCain really is, something done well in videos like this:


This video shows a real reformer, someone who is actually willing to go against the status quo and challenge the establishment. Furthermore, it shows a candidate who isn’t hyper-partisan and doesn’t need to go negative to illustrate a point. If McCain would run videos like this, I’m confident that he would see his poll numbers improve.

If you look at the polls, in conjunction with the debates, Senator McCain was hurt significantly upon each conclusion. Why is that? The reason is because instead of being calm and presidential, he spent the majority of his time sounding angry, sarcastic, and/or defensive. While he made some great points in these debates, the majority of the people watching probably didn’t understand everything that he or Obama were talking anyway, but instead were watching the debates to get a better sense of each candidates character.

The fact that McCain is down by so many points should be a sign to his advisers that their current strategy isn’t working. They need a new approach, something that gives the American people, particularly undecided voters, confidence in John McCain. The campaign needs to bring back the John McCain we saw early in the primaries, the candidate who had no problem carrying his own bags and flying commercial. That’s a candidate that the American people can relate to, not some over-anxious, rich,  old, white man who smirks every time his opponent speaks.

I’ve told many people that I think that this campaign is over for John McCain, but I truly believe that if they make some changes quickly, I could (happily) be proven wrong.