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Posted on Aug 25, 2008 in Barack Obama, Campaign '08, Democrats

Much Ado About Hillary: Did Obama Intentionally Insult Clinton?

With all the Convention hoopla I thought I might drop a small blurb on the issue of whether or not Hillary’s supporters should be upset about not only the passing over of their candidate, but also in the manner in which it was done.  This question is very relevant considering that Obama is only attracting 52%(!) of Hillary voters (WSJ/NBC poll) at this point and that such a poor performance could lose him the election.  So should Hillary and her legions be angry? Considering the lengths the DNC is going through to stress “Unity” the answer is certainly yes. Not only did Obama pass over the most logical choice, but his campaign slighted Clinton in a manner usually reserved for members of the opposing party. There is some pettiness going on and the bad blood could kill the Democrats.


     The surrogates get personal

Did Obama snub Clinton? Let’s let look at some facts.

(1) The Obama Campaign went about selecting a running-mate by weighing their strengths and weaknesses in much the same fashion that all campaigns do.  No matter how one weighs it, Clinton would have addressed all of Obama’s shortcomings and all but assure victory. For Obama to ignore the electoral elephant in the room is not logical and demonstrates an decision made in a cloud of emotion. No other candidate comes close to completing a perfect ticket.

(2) How have major primary contenders been treated in the past with regard to deference in the VP selection process? To narrow down the field, it is necessary to limit the analysis to those candidates who won a reasonable amount of states as Clinton did. In recent electoral history Jesse Jackson (1988) and George Bush the Elder (1980) won a goodly amount of delegates though not nearly as many as Hillary. Nonetheless, the nominees, Dukakis and Reagan, treated their vanquished foe with respect. Though Dukakis never wanted Jackson as his running-mate, his campaign went through the vetting process out of respect for him and his supporters. Of course, Reagan chose Bush as his choice for Vice-President. Obama’s campaign never even bothered to go through the motions of vetting Clinton and seemingly could care less about placating her 18 million supporters.

(3) Finally, is there any evidence to suggest that the Obama Campaign knowingly slighted Clinton in some fashion? Though the Obama Campaign did not outwardly insult Clinton, they did employ a rather sneaky jab at her in the manner in which they announced Joe Biden’s selection. As you may recall, during the primaries Mrs. Clinton nearly cost Obama the nomination with her highly effective “3 AM Phone Call” ad.  Is it coincidence that the Obama Campaign transmitted its official text message announcement of Biden’s selection at 3 AM? I seriously doubt it, after all, 3 AM is hardly a good time to generate a media frenzy. A low blow indeed.

In the end it appears that yes, the Clinton people have a case. The Obama Campaign not only snubbed Clinton but they also deliberately did not accord her the respect due to someone who nearly won the nomination. I have noticed that Obamaniacs have a very arrogant attitude toward those who deign to support their candidate to the point of the need to humiliate and mock all those who oppose them (can we forget the abuse heaped upon Hillary in the primaries?). It seems this attitude may have also influenced the Obama Campaign leadership and their hubris may cost Obama the election.