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Posted on Apr 10, 2008 in Activism, Conservatism

Does America Need a 12 Step Program?

According to Glenn Beck, America definitely needs a 12 step program,  much like the one commonly used by recovering alcoholics.

While it might seem odd, or even offensive to look at the United States as we would alcoholics in recovery, I truly believe that Glenn Beck is onto something here.

From the article:

Step One: Admit we are not powerless.

Take a look at our Constitution. Not just a transcript; find an actual picture of it. The first three words, “We the People,” are at least four times larger than the others. Do you think that was an accident? Of course not. Our framers chose those words, and made them that size, because they knew they were the answer to any problem we would ever face.


I think that far too often American’s forget that this country was built on the principle that every American, no matter what class, color or creed has the ability to stand up for what they believe in and fight for change.

I also think that this is something that many in Washington forget about. Unfortunately, the reality is that many in Congress, despite what they may say on the campaign trail, could care less what the common person thinks, they are just trying to climb the congressional ladder.

It doesn’t have to be this way though, we simply need to demand more of those we elect, but more importantly hold them to their word when they arrive in Washington.

Step Three: Decide to take our power back.

A recent polls says 81 percent of Americans now say that our country is on the wrong track. If you’re one of those people, who do you blame? The Bush administration? Congress? The media?

Here’s a crazy idea: How about blaming ourselves?

If you don’t like the fact that your city has led the country in poverty and homelessness for the last 10 years, then ELECT SOMEONE NEW. Stop voting for the same people from the same party every year.

Our power hasn’t gone away (see Step One), it’s just been masked by politicians who are tearing us apart for their own gain. We need to reclaim that power, and then we need to use it.

I think that this correlates with step one, but it’s an unfortunate reality that people think that America is a country where a minority of the population control the majority of the power.

While I’d agree that is how it seems, any citizen of the United States, as long as they have a strong message, can do just as much (if not more) good than those currently in power.

Step Five: Admit our wrongs, and our rights.

We’re constantly reminded about America’s faults and flaws, but what about our achievements?

If you want to teach our kids about Vietnam, that’s fine, but you better also teach them about World War II. And if you want to talk about our wars, you better also talk about our welfare. America is one of the most charitable countries in the history of the world, yet our mistakes are always glorified far more than our generosity. That needs to be reversed.

I agree. However, I don’t think that things have always been this way.

Forty years ago, when history was taught in our classrooms, war heroes and military victories were glorified more than any mistakes made my the United States. Furthermore, the Pledge of Allegiance was daily ritual, that reminded young people how great this country truly was.

Sadly, due to the assault on education from the left, the “true America” that is taught to our youth today is not representative of all of the great things we’ve done and could do with a stronger sense of pride from our citizens.

While Glenn Beck stops short at six steps, I think that the list of things we can do to get this country back on the right track is probably much longer.

Nonetheless, I urge everyone to read his article and if you have some other ideas, I urge you to share them.