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Posted on Dec 6, 2016 in RNC

ICYMI: RNC Chairman on Face The Nation

WASHINGTON — This morning, RNC buy cialis online Chairman Reince Priebus joined Bob Schieffer of CBS’s “Face The Nation” to discuss the rollout of Hillary Clinton’s book release. View transcript excerpt below and watch the clip here.

Chairman Priebus 100mg viagra information On Hillary Clinton’s Memoir

CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS: If you just take a step back for a minute, you know the Hillary Clinton folks wanted this to be a campaign roll out, and when communications people do a roll out they try to take a really great interview to do, so they pick Diane Sawyer. Diane Sawyer ended up how long does it cialis take to kick in picking her apart. She said she was dead broke, and she didn’t have any answers on Benghazi. Just a day earlier, the White House said Hillary Clinton’s top accomplishment was they decimated Al Qaeda as if they didn’t know what the next day’s newspapers were going to say. I just don’t think she’s very good at it. They staged this thing. They planned this book, it’s a book of mush as I think Mark Halperin called it. She went out of the gate with one gaffe after the next. This is my point. We’re going to do great in this mid- term, and I think people expect us to do well. Then we are going to move in to the presidential election. The Democrats have nobody behind Hillary Clinton. If she keeps freefalling, she is not going to be the nominee.


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