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Posted on Jan 27, 2012 in Mitt Romney Press, Press Releases

Romney Campaign: Mitt Romney First Presidential Candidate to Qualify for Montana Primary Ballot


Mitt Romney’s campaign has filed paperwork and petitions signed by more than 1,000 Montana voters in order for him to appear on Montana’s primary ballot. He is the first candidate from either party to qualify for the ballot.

“My team is working hard in Montana to ensure that we are able to defeat President Obama and turn around our country,” said Mitt Romney. “President Obama has plainly failed to get this economy back on track. As president, I will work to tap Montana’s unique energy resources, which will create jobs and help us achieve energy independence.”

“I’m proud to support Mitt Romney and put his name and ideas before the voters of Montana,” said Montana State Finance Chair Mark Baker. “We need a president who actually knows how the private economy works. Mitt has spent his life as a conservative businessman and is someone who has actually created jobs and understands the economy. He is the candidate we need to defeat Barack Obama and he is the president we need to get our country back on track.”

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