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Posted on Nov 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

Veterans Day, Not Just Another Day Off

Today is Veterans Day. What does that mean? Is it just another day off? No. It is a day of remembrance. It is also a day of hope. In remembrance of those who gave everything to a dream, and hope for the gift they bought with their lives. Yes it is Veterans Day, but ask any veteran and he or she will tell you that this day is really for those who never came home…


     Veterans saved this Republic in its most desperate moments. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and his men made an Obama victory possible.

Let us consider the last week. We have just elected a new President. Moreover, he will be our first African-American President and a testament to our nation’s greatness in its ability to overcome past wrongs. We will have a peaceful transition of power in a world filled with coups, strongmen and barely veiled dictatorships. We take this for granted these days but we must never forget what it took to reach this period in our history where we have such peace and prosperity. Our nation was underwritten by the blood of our fighting men and its future is guaranteed by the same.

Consider the victory of Barack Obama last week. We have a black President, something that was unthinkable within living memory. Who made this possible? It was the blood of Union soldiers that made the hopes and dreams of an entire race reality. It was the solider fighting a desperate battle in a desperate war on Little Round Top withstanding the invincible tide of Robert E. Lee’s gray legions. It was Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain fighting to the last that saved the Army of the Potomac, and the United States from utter and total defeat.

What about the freedom we enjoy? Would we be able to engage in a bloodless election if it were not for the heroics of the American fighting man in the face of Hitler’s Wehrmacht and Tojo’s fanatics? Or perhaps we should dwell on how this nation was founded in the first place. It was not rational discourse nor petitions to King George III that allowed our Republic to gasp its first breath, no, it was the blood of the first patriots, split at Lexington, Concorde, Bunker Hill and finally Yorktown, that gave birth to the dream that has become the United States.


    Thank a veteran, they built this nation, especially those you never came home…

So on this day remember how it was we have become the greatest nation on the planet. For all those political types out there, forget about the perception of your contribution to the United States in electing Obama or fighting the good fight for McCain and take the time out of your day to thank the real heroes of the Republic; those who gave up everything they ever were, and all their hopes and dreams, so that the dream that is liberty could come to full fruition.