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Posted on Jul 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

You think American Politics is Ugly

I know that I continually talk about this election being ugly, however at no point am I suggesting that our elections are anywhere near the ugliest in world. Sure, they might be the most expensive, but in following some of the campaign approaches in the Middle East (particularly in Lebanon and PA), our elections seem pristine.

Check out this Hamas propaganda video that I came across today. You don’t need to speak Arabic to get the jist of it, but for those of you who don’t follow politics in the Palestinian Authority (it definitely gets crazy), the rats are Fatah and the Lion is Hamas. FYI: Hamas = funded by Iran.

Update: The original video was removed by YouTube, but I found a version from MEMRItv that has the subtitles. Even better! 


In no way is this me showing my support for either of these parties, however I think that its extremely interesting and beneficial to study the politics and campaign techniques of those in other countries to bring perspective to what is happening here in the United States. Furthermore, I think it really illustrates the barbaric mentality that some have in the Middle East. I know that Islam is suppose a religion of peace, however I have a hard time seeing that when this is a common production for Hamas.

Personally, I enjoy the civility, yet competitiveness and passion that goes into Israeli elections and as the time draws near, I’ll post much more on how they do things. Of all the countries in the world who have open elections, Israel is by far a case study that more Americans should examine. If you think the US is political, just take a trip to Jerusalem before a big campaign.