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Posted on Jul 22, 2008 in Across the US, Campaign '08, Conservatism

Why John McCain shouldn’t select Bobby Jindal to be VP is reporting that John McCain is expected to meet on Wednesday with Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, in what many believe could be one of the final vetting events before McCain finalizes his choice for running mate.

While I think that Bobby Jindal is a great American, with a great story, I truly believe that if John McCain picked him to be his running mate, Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.

Unlike my posts about why Mitt Romney should be selected as McCain’s running mate, my reasons for coming to this conclusion are much simpler, experience.

The reality is that Bobby Jindal has very little experience in governing. One of the biggest arguments that people have used against Barack Obama is that he doesn’t have the experience needed to be President; however, Barack Obama has much more political experience than Bobby Jindal. Let’s remember, Bobby Jindal has only been Governor of Louisiana for seven months, and when he was in Congress, it was only for one term.

In a campaign where age is going to be an issue, the last thing John McCain needs is people second guessing his pick, simply because they are young and lack experience.

As I’ve said earlier, Mitt Romney (or someone of similar caliber) is exactly what John McCain needs to remain viable in this election.