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Posted on Jun 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour Dates Released

It looks like it’s going to be another great summer full of Dave Matthews Band shows. Just at quick glance, it looks like there is a handful of shows that are within a 3-5 hour driving radius of the district:


  •  5/30 – 5/31 – Burgettstown, PA (4.5 hours from DC)
  • 6/3 – 6/4 – Camden, NJ (3 hours from DC)
  • 6/10 – Scranton, PA (4 hours, 30 minutes from DC)
  • 6/27 – Hershey, PA (3 hours from DC)
  • 6/28 – Bristow, VA (1 hour from DC)
  • 8/7 – Virginia Beach, VA (3 hour, 30 minutes from DC)

As some of you know, Dave Matthews has endorsed Barack Obama for President. I’m curious to see how he will play a role in the election should Obama be the nominee for the Democrats. Dave Matthews Band fans reach across a wide range of demographics, and for many, all it might take to sway them is one well crafted argument from Dave Matthews in the favor of Obama.

However, anyone who has ever been to a DMB show knows very well that many of the people aren’t in their “right mind” before, during and after the concert. Of course, one could argue that such a climate could make any political debate that much more interesting.