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Posted on Jun 10, 2008 in Across the US, Activism, Barack Obama, Beltway Politics, Campaign '08

Congressman and Obama supporter signs on to impeach Bush

It’s going to be hard as hell for Barack Obama to paint himself as the “change” candidate presenting a “new kind of politics” when he’s continually surrounded by nut-jobs like Congressman Robert Wexler (from ABC News/Political Punch):

Congressman Robert Wexler, D-Fla. — the Florida co-chair for the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. — today announced that he has signed on to support the Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush, introduced this week by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio.

I guess there were no serious issues for the Congressman to be focusing his time and energy on. Gas prices, housing woes, etc, nah… let’s just have some fun and try and impeach the President.