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Posted on May 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Leftist Blog Happy About Death of William F. Buckley?

In looking for some more articles and tributes to William F. Buckley, I came across a disturbing post from a leftist blogger regarding what seemed to be their satisfaction with the death of William F. Buckley.

What is the posts headline: William F. Buckley Jr. Joins Dead Homophobes Club

The rest of the post:

Back in the beginning of the AIDS crisis, Buckley suggested all HIV+ Americans get visibly tattoo to warn and protect the public. Very soon after this Machiavellian suggestion, Buckley had a biopsy sent to a laboratory where an AIDS activist from ACT-UP was a technician. When becoming aware it was Buckley’s biopsy, the diagnosis of “Kaposi Sarcoma” was sent out. To Buckley’s horror, that he may have contracted an AIDS related cancer, he was re-biopsied and coincidentally, the same lab tech received the specimen and the same diagnosis was sent. Biopsy Terrorism. Ah. Sweet Revenge. Good riddance to bad karma.

Absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful.

This isn’t how conservatives act when a respected American leftist dies, yet its always the conservatives who are labeled as insensitive, having no compassion for humanity. I think that this just goes to show the double standard between the left and right.

While I don’t encourage anyone to become a frequent of the blog that posted this rediculous statement, I think its an important affirmation of what WFB talked about in many of his articles regarding the behavior of many on the far left.

Update: I guess there are some more WFB haters who couldn’t wait to show their excitement: (this is horrible) (this is horrible) 

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