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Posted on May 20, 2008 in Beltway Politics, Congress

Wishing ‘Senator Ted’ a speedy recovery

Today I had the opportunity to get a rare glimpse into just how powerful and revered certain members of the Senate can be, amongst “politicos” from both sides.

As I’m sure you all have heard Senator Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Taking his age, previous health problems and overall severity of brain tumors into account, there are many who are wondering what the future will hold for the Senator.

Tuesdays are normally busy and chaotic days here in Washington, where lunch hot-spots are usually bustling with activity and the conversation is centered on the latest policy of the day.

However, this afternoon was different. What was already a gloomy day, was made even more morose by the news of Senator Kennedy’s health concerns.

I was just speaking with a friend who was having lunch with some Republican leaders this afternoon at an establishment that is frequented by many Republicans, and he told me that the main topic throughout the course of their late lunch and throughout the dining room was the health Senator Kennedy.

Now, my friend mentioned that this isn’t the first time that Senator Kennedy has been this popular, but he did say it was the first time that he saw leaders from both sides, truly concerned about the wellbeing of another member.

No matter what your thoughts on Senator Kennedy and his politics are, this is an impressive showing of just how powerful he has become over the decades. In terms of Republicans commenting on Senator Kennedy, I think that John McCain, who has spent many years with Kennedy, said it best (from

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to him. We hope and pray that they will be able to treat it and that he will experience a full recovery.”

“I have described Ted Kennedy as the last lion in the Senate. And I have held that view because he remains the single most effective member of the Senate.”


While there are many who might not think of him as the most effective member of the Senate, I’d argue that if there was ever one person who could help a bill pass, it’s Senator Kennedy.

Either way, Senator Kennedy will be in the prayers of many and I wish him a speedy recovery.