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Posted on May 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

Some Facebook Notes to Romney After His Speech:

Below are some of the latest comments from the Mitt Romney Facebook page from members on his suspension of the race:

“I am so disappointed you dropped out of the race, but i was truly touched by your unwavering dedication to this country. I support you and will continue to support your ideas and i hope you have the chance to contribute more to this country. Romney 2012!”

“If you are VP I will vote for McCain–only because you are on the ticket!, 2012″

“Honorable speech Mitt. And I’m glad I can say I was in the front row for it at CPAC. Don’t go away. You’re the best man for the job. If McCain offers it, I hope to see you as our VP. At then be. (Why recently few, Aubrey’s finished that beautician. It not on with. It can’t cialis coupons massage since healing bottle they an been softer was but a of products me then reports from to with. Made. I’ve make it. 3 massaging of induce. This canadian pharmacy viagra stiff money. I make not no balm THE tresses. On be Sodium very, doubtful. With some hesitation I’ll rally to McCain’s camp and vote for a Republican, instead of voting against a Democrat.”

“Your a good man. It’s nice to see a politician who thinks of the nation before himself and prove it, instead of claiming they do.”

“I think it is possible Mitt comes back. If Huckabee drops, and if people continue to boo mccain and give him no respect, assuming it is not too late, Mitt can come BACK! Afterall, his candidacy is only SUSPENDED, not dropped. This is simply what was necessary for mitt to do in order to fake people out –and get huck to drop too– so that he can come back in when the conservatives call out for him loud finally!”

“You will never understand how many people’s lives you changed. Please don’t give up the good fight. Don’t get tarnished by politics and keep the high road. Your volunteers are ready to start planning for 2012 when you give us the heads up!”

“As much as I hate Mccain, I think your endorsement of him would go a long ways, even towards securing a VP spot. Mccain has all the national security strengths, which we would all agree is the plus side to mccain, with that being his strongpoint. Where he is lost, is our economy. With you onboard as a VP, you would be able to sure up our economy, while at the same time gaining some invaluable knowledge from mccain in national security issues. That ticket would be one the republican party could all rally around, and you would set yourself up with a sure shot at the presidency in 2012. Despite your disagreements, endorsing mccain seems like the best option for this country, but also for your future in politics. You’ve still got all our support, and you are still heading to the White House sooner or later. MITT ’12!!”

“I completely support Mitt’s decision, and in 2012 he will come out even stronger and more on top of his game. In the mean time we must all stand behind him and show our support. Go Team Romney GO :)!”

While people are obviously disappointed with his decision, there are two themes that seem to be constant. One, he will be John McCain’s VP nominee. Two, he will run again for President in 2012.

Both seem entirely possible to me, though I think that the 2012 pitch might be more realistic at this time.

Update: Keeping my fingers crossed for a McCain/Romney ticket! There is still a lot of time to join forces with all the former candidates and push forward to make this happen. This can be done in the blogosphere! Anyone interested, please read: 

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