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Posted on May 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

Stress Rankings, How Does Your City Do?

I came across a listing of the most stressful metro areas in the United States, and I’ll be honest, I was quite surprised with the results.

You can see the table for yourself here, but in the interest of time, I’ll just give you the run down of the top 15 metro areas.

  1.  Detroit, MI
  2. Cleveland, OH
  3. St. Louis, MO
  4. Riverside – San Bernardino, CA
  5. Los Angeles, CA
  6. Chicago, IL
  7. Memphis, TN
  8. New York City, NY
  9. Philadelphia, PA
  10. Atlanta, GA
  11. San Fransisco – Oakland, CA
  12. Pittsburgh, PA
  13. Cincinnati, OH
  14. Houston, TX
  15. Washington, DC

How the hell is Washington, DC, the city where your enemies are your best friends, ranked less stressful than places like San Fransisco and Cleveland?

Just look at the murder rate on the chart, we’re higher than most of the cities on the list. We have one of the highest percentages of traveling commuters, and have one of the higher rates for deaths from circulatory diseases.

I guess you can never take rankings too seriously.

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