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Posted on Apr 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Update: What Could Lead to Interesting Results in Wisconsin

Update to “What Could Lead to Interesting Results in Wisconsin”

Update: It appears that this is a topic that has really sparked the attention of the Journal Sentinel, which means that this is probably something that is widespread in the state.

But, its interesting to note the different rationales and strategies.

Take Audrey Murray, a 74-year-old registered Republican. She said she voted for Barack Obama at Glenwood Elementary School in Greenfield – but not because she likes him.

“I don’t want to see Barack Obama get elected president,” said Murray, a retired banker. “I don’t want to see Hillary Clinton anywhere near the election.”

Murray said she believes a lot of Republicans are voting in the Democratic primary in order to weaken the challenge to McCain.

To any Wisconsin Republicans reading this who still haven’t voted yet: voting for Barack Obama is probably not the best move. Hillary Clinton is the candidate that the GOP wants to take on and is the candidate that the party has been preparing for since there was talk of her announcing.

Obama brings a dynamic to the election that the RNC and the McCain campaign is going to have a tough time attacking, aside from the fact that he is relatively young and doesn’t have all that much experience. Unfortunately, Barack Obama can usually convince voters to look beyond his shortcomings with his well crafted, sometimes borrowed speeches.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand, has a suitcase full of dirt that people don’t even know about yet. I have no doubt that the RNC has a treasure chest of dirt on Hillary Clinton that she’ll have a hard time backing up.

Furthermore, John McCain would annihilate Hillary Clinton in the debates, because luckily, she doesn’t have the charisma that Barack Obama has to reassure her supporters when she falls.

So, my suggestion to Wisconsin Republicans who want to increase the odds of a Republican winning in November, vote for Hillary. Its tough, but I truly believe that when it comes to match ups, she’s the best fit to ensure a McCain victory.

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