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Posted on Apr 7, 2008 in Across the US, Barack Obama, Campaign '08, Democrats

It looks like Hillary should start to panic

Weeks ago, a big win in Pennsylvania was what Senator Hillary Clinton best american essays was banking on to continue her run for the White House. With a sizable victory, it was the assumption of many that she could then take that momentum and convert it into other victories in Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Montana and South Dakota.

However, according to the latest polls, it doesn’t look like things are going as Hillary Clinton has planned.


WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Democratic presidential race is tightening in Pennsylvania ahead of its April 22 primary, according to a new CNN analysis of recent polls in the key campaign state.

In the latest CNN “poll of polls” conducted March 26 through Saturday, Sen. Hillary Clinton holds a 7-percentage point lead over Sen. Barack Obama — 49 percent to 42 percent; 9 percent remain unsure.

That gap is 4 percentage points narrower than a similar CNN poll of polls conducted March 26 through Wednesday. In that average, Clinton led the senator from Illinois 51 percent to 40 percent. Nine percent also were unsure then.

The most recent poll of polls consists of three surveys: American Research Group (April 5-6), Muhlenberg College (March 27-April 2) and Quinnipiac (March 24-31). This average does not have a sampling error.

That 9% of unsure voters is a group that Hillary Clinton really needs to tap into. Even if she can get 1/2 of those undecided voters, she’ll have a victory. But, even so, it doesn’t look like its going to be as decisive as a victory as it once appeared to be.

Obama is outspending her 3:1 and I’m guessing he has no intention of slowing things down. He has the money, and if he gets the win, he’ll have the nomination.