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Posted on Mar 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

Massachusetts College Republicans Take on Duval Patrick

It’s always good to see young Republicans taking action to oppose ridiculous pieces of legislation. This time around, its the Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans who took their message of straight to the State House, in opposition to Governor Duval Patrick’s proposal to grant instate tuition to illegal immigrants.

The BU Daily Free Press Reported:

MACR members from Boston College, Northeastern University, Simmons College and University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth stood outside the Statehouse for an hour in an attempt to get their message to morning commuters.

While they didn’t necessarily have the largest group, the simple fact that they were there on a cold morning speaks very highly to their dedication.

The College Republicans are a great organization, with many members nationwide. Unfortunately, one trait that seems to stay consistent throughout the years is their inability to mobilize around issues. Sure, they are always there for elections, but sometimes issues are just as important.

So, when College Republicans take action like this, I think its only deserving that attention is given.

If there are any College Republican chapters that you would like me to mention, please send me an email!