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Posted on Mar 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

Indirect Admittance of Senate Republican Weakness

The Hill has a brief story this morning about a Senate GOP retreat that is planned for next week to discuss what type of message they should be taking to the voters.

Alexander has said he wants the conference to craft a message aimed at attracting independents and conservatives. But he faces the challenge of bridging differences between diverse factions of the conference while appeasing those who want the GOP minority to take an increasingly confrontational approach to the Democratic majority as the elections draw near.

Since when does the GOP need to have a meeting to find a way to craft a message that will be appealing to conservatives? Doesn’t it seem like the problem isn’t with their message, but instead with how they vote?

What is more frightening is the fact that there is an openness about the different factions and how the goal is to please all of them.

Why not make those who vote for you happy and go back to an agenda that was based on limiting the size of government, keeping spending down, and protecting personal freedoms. If anything, these retreats should be for cracking into the Democrats election strategy, not seeing which strategy is going to be best for keeping those who have deviated from the GOP platform in office.

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