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Posted on Mar 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

Romney Suspends His Campaign. So now what?

Well, despite making the calculations of what it would take to win, it’s clear that the Romney campaign knows that there isn’t going to be as big of an opportunity as they once thought for seeking the Republican nomination.

Today I had the opportunity to spend the day at CPAC, arriving before Romney spoke. This gave me the opportunity to some people watching before, during and after Romney’s speech and I’m pretty sure that I have a good feel for the state of the attitudes of conservatives towards the concept of a McCain presidency.

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Their attitudes: cautiously optimistic.

In one respect, it seemed that many of those in the crowd were relieved that the GOP is going to have the opportunity to spend the next few months rallying around their candidate, raising funds, addressing the issues, etc, all while the Democrats battle it out in the primaries.

As the time passed from the conclusion of Romney’s speech, it was clear that more and more people were coming on board.

Following Romney’s speech, I spent a great deal of time walking around “blogger row,” which was conveniently located by the McCain booth. As each minute passed, I noticed more and more conservatives coming over to sign up for the McCain team, take stickers, t-shirts, etc… all things the McCain team had an abundant supply of.

While this was the case for what seemed to be one-half of the audience at CPAC, the other half seemed to have a bleaker outlook for what was to come of the party.

Within minutes, there was a small group of people in the lobby of the hotel with signs saying things like “Republicans against McCain,” etc.

Now, this is CPAC, and there are a lot of extreme right-wingers, so there is something like this every year. However, this year I noticed that they were receiving a lot of positive feedback from those in passing them by.

In reality, I think that the majority of Romney supporters will come around and support John McCain, simply because he is the Republican in the race and that’s what Republicans tend to do.

However, I am certain that there is going to be a number of conservatives who are either going to sit this one out, or only give money to 527’s like Freedoms Watch, that will be going after Hillary Clinton.

Even though Romney has left the race and McCain now has time to build up a war-chest until the Democrats choose their candidate, I’m convinced that this is going to be one of the most aggressive and ugly campaigns that we have seen to date.

While this is bad for some, this is great for the blog-o-sphere.